1) API Help Details
API Docs
API URL: https://ytverts.com/api/v2
Response format: JSON

Add Order
key: Your API key
action: add
service: Service ID
link: Link to page
quantity: Needed quantity

Order status
key: Your API key
action: status
order: Order ID

Add URL Example
Status Example

Service ID: 1 Website Traffic
Service ID: 2 YouTube views

Traffic Source API

source_id: 11
source_name: Amazon

source_name: Bing.com

source_id: 23
source_name : Buysellads.com

source_id: 1
source_name: Direct

source_name: Ebay.com

source_id: 2
source_name: Facebook

source_id: 22

source_id: 21
source_name: Imgur.com

source_id: 5
source_name: Instagram

source_id: 8
source_name: LinkedIn

source_id: 13
source_name: Live.com

source_id: 20
source_name: Msn.com

source_id: 15
source_name: Netflix.com

source_id: 19
source_name: Ok.ru

source_id: 7
source_name: reddit

source_id: 9
source_name: Tumblr

source_id: 16
source_name: Twitch.tv

source_id: 3
source_name: twitter

source_id: 6
source_name: vk.com

source_id: 12
source_name: wikipedia

source_id: 10
source_name: Yahoo

source_id: 14
source_name: Yandex.ru

source_id: 4
source_name: youtube
2) Refund Policy
No refunds will be made. After a deposit has been completed, there is no way to reverse it. You must use your balance on orders from YTverts.